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Courtney McCullough

Photo by Haoyuan Ren, Los Angeles


Migrant workers flock to the cities to find work in order to support their families at home. Large urban metropolises in China provides opportunities unmatched by the rest of the country. They are often treated as second class citizens, one of the reasons being the system of household registration (hukou).

Under such system, the migrant workers are not allowed to receive benefits from the local governments outside the ones they were born into. Benefits omitted includes health care, job opportunities and public education. The disparity of education and living standards between the urban and rural area further widens the great divide.

As a result, the migrant workers finds work in the city through all fields of work, from construction to prostitution. The more stable ones of the migrant workers peddles goods, and some even manages to open shop to introduce some stability into their lives.

However, the migrant workers will continue to be treated as outcasts of the society. For the moment, they will remain trapped in between the world they build and the world they live in.

Drifting within

by Haoyuan Ren